Pear, Walnut and Blue Cheese Salad - Bones
There was a time in the restaurant world that it seemed as every corner had a steakhouse, and there was no such thing as too big. The mother of all big, Fogo de Chao, will serve you pound after pound of gaucho steaks until you surrender your Brazilian "Poker Chip" to red and roll yourself to the valet. Then came the Steak/Sushi combo, the Steak/Game style, and let's not forget the ubiquitous Steak/Lobster(with crusteceans the size of a small automobile). While some of these have come and gone, others have come and will soon be gone, and then others have barely seen a blip in their year to year sales.

Here at TheFoodList, we prefer our steaks old school - we call this the Steak/Privilege category. There is no better example of Steak/Privilege than Bone's on Piedmont Road. For the past 30 years, Bone's has been serving up Prime Steaks, and dayboat fresh seafood like no other. In 2009, the restaurant's 30th year, Bone's was named best Steakhouse in the United States by Zagat.

It all starts at the door and the service. Returning customers are almost always greeted by name. Bartenders address you by surname, and your drinks and tab are always carried over to your table. The waiters (all male) wear tan jackets embroided with their name, and again address you by name. The wine list is sick: deep, extensive, current, and reasonably priced.

And then there is the food. The Steaks are hand cut daily, and aged USDA Prime. Finished with a spoonful of stock. The seafood is the freshest you can find in Atlanta, and the produce is sourced locally daily. After sampling everything on the menu several times, TheFoodList has narrowed it down to the can't miss. Start with the Lumb Crab cocktail and the Shrimp cocktail - ols school style, and spot on. Next move to the Ceasar or the house salad with granny smith apples and blue cheese(pictured). For the main course, Steak is king here, and there is no better cut than the NY Strip. Here they offer two sizes; both are cut and prepared to perfection, and the large size is plenty for two. The Crab legs are an excellent alternative, but why come to steakhouse? To complete the meal there is nothing better than the southern pecan pie with vanilla ice cream wisely outsourced from Nancy Cole's bakery in Decatur.

Once you try the best, those other fads and trends come and go hardly noticed. The best of the best do not get to the pinnacle of the chain without reason - same can be said for cruising through the recession with little or no apparent loss of business. Just as the Porsche 911 was hardly changed for 25 years, Bone's continues to dominate the Steakhouse food chain.

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