Cedar Planked Salmon
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H.D. Pappas emigrated from Greece to America at the turn of the 20th century. Like most immigrants he brought a commitment to quality and service that provided the core and strength of our United States. 100 years later, his great-great grandsons still carry on that tradition in monster corporate style. With over 50 restaurants around the country, encompassing 6 or more different concepts, this family run company does it better than most. 

Pappas restaurant
Pappadeux in Norcross is sure to be one of their most proud achievements. Located on the urban sprawl of thoroughfare Jimmy Carter Boulevard, Pappadeux’s Seafood Kitchen brings in the masses, serves impeccably fresh seafood, and seems to hardly slow down between meals to tidy up. The wait can often extend beyond 45 minutes, the parking lot must hold 200 cars, and the restaurant itself must seat 350 at a time. They pack it out every night on a street littered with suburban sprawl, half vacant strip malls, Lavenderia’s, and Auto parts retailers. Clearly most patrons drive from afar to come to this Cajun style seafood mecca. TFL thinks when originally locating on JCB, the Pappas family saw a different future. No matter, this place brings in the +/- $30 a plate customer by the thousands. 

With all of this, one might believe at some point the food and service would be compromised. Not true at any turn. The fish is exceptionally fresh, prepared to perfection (nothing worse than over/under cooked fish), and served in massive portions. The prices are similarly massive in price, but once you see the size of the meal, few ever complain of being overpriced. The menu is deep and diverse with Lincoln log like cheese sticks and huge specialty drinks bringing Bourbon Street to middle America. 

At TFL, we put quality over all else. We would rather wait for two hours, sit on an IKEA bar stool, and bring our own cutlery to enjoy the best quality food available. We do not discriminate between Chain and owner operated, white tablecloth and finger licking BBQ or hand prepared cuisine and mass produced foods. We only want GOOD. With Pappadeuxs, fresh seafood, consistent quality and big fruity/festive drinks are the order of the day, and this place does it better than most. 

With out further ado, here is Pappadeux’s top five:

5. Oysters. If you like ‘em fresh, big, and cheap – this is your place. You can get a dozen raw oysters on the half shell for under $8. They make them fried (perfectly cooked), Rockefeller’d, Po’ Boy’d, and in traditional Gumbo.

4. Salads. The Caesar Salad topped with shrimp or oysters is fantastic. Tangy and smooth. The star of the salad options is the Greek (appropriate!) – 11 ingredients mixed right at your table, house made dressing, and salty feta cheese topped with a crunchy greek pepper is the best rendition we have ever seen !

3. Toppings. Several of the daily specials and regular menu items are topped with some sort of rendition of a cream based, cheesy mushroom/spinach/shrimp/crawfish/oyster combination. Try any of them – never disappointed.

2. Cedar Planked Salmon (pictured above). We know you have seen this at every seafood, steak, or grill type restaurant, but few do it better than Pappadeux. Topped with fresh herb butter, cooked to a perfect medium rare, and garnished with a roasted lemon – this is salmon heaven.   

1. Shrimp and Crawfish Fondue. Every successful restaurant does something better than anyone else. Here it is this $14 appetizer. Served with toasted garlic bread, and their ubiquitous cream sauce – this is a dish to NEVER miss. Order as your entrée, or split it with your table. This dish makes comfort food a destination!

TFL Overall Rating  4.2 out of 5 stars. 
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