First we want to state that we are smitten with all things Cliff and Anne. While they have diversified as of late - i.e. Abattoir, Star Provision remains the most dear to TheFoodList.Org.

First and foremost, lunch should begin the begin. Do not try and walk through the store before you eat or at least order lunch, otherwise you will find yourself with a basket full of cheese and salumi. The sandwich menu is the heart and soul of the food, and one should always try, at least once, the Shrimp Po Boy and the Banh Mi (pictured).
Once you have satisfied your immediate cravings, you can focus on the bakery items. The cupcakes stare at you longingly, while the cookies are locked behind a glass jail. Skip the cakes, and free the cookies - go for the gingersnap or chocolate chip. If you are really hungry, add a side salad from the seasonal choices in the refrigerated case. Marinated mushrooms, beet salad, and cole slaw are regulars; seasonal fruit, legumes, and greens are offered according to availability. As most know, Clifford and Anne have a large farm south of Atlanta that provides many items for both the market, and their restaurants and whenever something is sourced from there, do not miss out.  

After you have stuffed yourself beyond imaginations, proceed to the Bagdorf and Bronson coffee bar for a shot of espresso. Then enter Timthecheeseman's cave. Included with all of the expected regulars, there are many handcrafted gems. Follow his twitter feed for up to the minute arrivals and suggestions.

After the cheese comes the meat and seafood room. Start with Ahi tuna, sunchokes from the farm, throw in an Allen Brothers aged NY Strip, some Benton's Bacon, and some "cured-on-premise" salumi's. They also have lamb, veal, and chicken locally sourced and priced accordingly.  Finish this room with some fantastic gray sea salt from France, and the best locally hand crafted soy sauce we have ever tried.

Once back into the main area, collect some awesome picnic accessories, grab a loaf of fresh baked bread and your favorite bottle of wine. This should create the best home prepared meal you have ever attempted, and in turn the highest "one meal" grocery bill you have ever seen. To ease the guilt and create several meals from your visit, hit the refrigerated cases on the days that Fried Chicken and/or Asian glazed wings appear. Add the homestyle Mac n Cheese, and some cole slaw and you have another full meal. And no one will mistake that chicken for fast food. We think it is the best you can find in Atlanta, and they serve it cold.

Go often and frequently, and once in a while try the day's special sandwich. If the special is bay scallops or gulf snapper, do not skip. Again, $10 for a sandwich is expensive, but this is an academic example of "paying for what you get"!
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