Crabcake Hoagie - TFL
Chef Todd Ginsberg has cooked in many a kitchen both locally and nationally. He has learned many different techniques and methods both classic in nature, and modern adaptations. With such a broad swath of talent and abilities, Ginsberg finally found the opportunity to open his own place, Bocado.
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Approachable and accessible food and atmosphere make Bocado a hot destination in West Midtown. Sandwich "centric" at lunch, and locally sourced ingredients always being center stage, Ginsberg delivers fresh and perfectly prepared meals. Of course we had to try the burger - made with H&F buns - and was most enthralled with the fresh pickles. This seemingly old school approach (canning cukes) is suddenly the rage again with both Star Provisions, and Muss and Turner's offering house made pickles.
Perfectly Cooked, Gooey Cheese - TFL
We were dissappointed to find the short rib sandwich off the menu on all of our visits. Perfectly prepared short ribs is something difficult to prepare at home, and a dish we always try to sample when offered. The other sandwiches were unique and satisfying, and the burger hit the spot. Simplicity reigns supreme here, and all dishes allow the ingredients to shine.
Garlic and Herb Fries - TFL
Another litmus test we like to use in judging a restaurant's strengths is french fries. At Bocado, the fries are handcut and cooked to perfection (crispy outsides, creamy insides). We always get the garlic and herb option here, and it is one of the best versions we have ever tasted. Plenty of fresh herbs combined with freshly chopped garlic (read: not pre-chopped, pre-peeled or any other pre-prepared way that lazy chefs often fall back on) that was not overpowering like other versions around Atlanta.

We have enjoyed Bocado on each visit, and find the offerings much more authentic and original than many of it's neighbors. We hope to continue to see the Westside of Atlanta grow and succeed adding more destinations and residents.

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