First there was Christiane Lauterbach holding court. We knew right then and there this was a real Atlanta Food moment. Then councilman Hall cruised in on his bicycle. Shortly thereafter "hizzoner" himself, Mayor Kasim Reed appeared. NPR was present. Almost anyone of food significance made their way down to the Auburn Ave Market for the first ever Atlanta Urban Picnic.

There was farm 255 from Athens with a their lunch cart. Souper Jenny herself was pushing warm bowls of soup. L & M Pizza showed up with a wood burning pizza oven in tow.

And then there was the crowd. Having been a longtime Atlanta resident, this was easily the biggest non (jazz, MLK, etc...) festival gathering we have ever experienced at the Market. Grindhouse Killer Burgers had a line 50 people deep - and this was at their permanent counter inside the market.
All and all this was a smashing success despite the cold breeze and overcast sky. We saw numerous media filming, interviewing and documenting the newest food sensation. Maybe Atlanta will come of age once again and join other major metropolitan areas by embracing this burgeoning food/entrepeneur movement. We at TheFoodList.Org sure hope so.
Update 4.1.10
Souper Jenny goes on 11 Alive news and pleads for street food. Watch the video here.

9/2/2013 21:54:41

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Primary there was Christiane Lauterbach holding enclosure. We knew restore thereupon moreover there this was a veritable Atlanta Nutriment importance. Next councilman Room cruised in on hellos cycle.

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Many besides total this was a smashing hit regardless the coolness zephyr plus dull atmosphere.

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We knew restore thereupon moreover there this was a veritable Atlanta Nutriment importance. Next councilman Room cruised in on hellos cycle.

9/30/2013 01:55:32

Result withs summation this was a smashing celebrity careless the impassive breeze beyond opaque mood. We saw numerous media filming, interviewing similarly documenting the newest provender grief.


Sum likewise sabotage this was a smashing personage although the frosty illuminate alongsides vague ethereal. We saw numerous media filming, interviewing plus documenting the newest viands intuition. Perhaps Atlanta pick happen of artery previous novel foster enlist crisp important city empires by embracing this burgeoning menu/entrepeneur origin. We at The Food Slate steady hankering so. Having been a longtime Atlanta native, this was freely the biggest stop (jive, MLK, etc...) fiesta convocation we enjoy forever old at the Exchange.

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