To some travelers, the food is just as important as anything else a destination has to offer. We offer one of our sister site's top ten cities foodies should visit. This is global cuisine, with all of the fixings. Of course our patron saint, Chef T. Keller, made the list.  

Paces 88, one of the restaurants in the St. Regis Hotel in Buckhead, advertises itself as an American Bistro. The setting, decor and service all were as perfect as touted, but the food left much to be desired.

First we ordered the Lobster cake sandwich. The sandwich was so salty as to eliminate all taste of the lobster. Makes one think the lobster was from last week's special.

Next we sampled the Shrimp and Grits. This dish was  sweetened with raisins giving it a "desert" flavor; not particularly as enjoyable as it would have been sans the sweetness. Shrimp and Grits is a standard in the South - "sweetened"? this is pratically sacrilege. The goat cheese tart was quite good and the chicken liver pate excellent. Pate is not much different than Alpo; nor is the skill to assemble much more sophisticated. A European hotel better offer solid Pate.  

Summary: prices were reasonable and again the service made the experience worth the visit. More Atlanta restaurants should learn this service level - makes a mid range meal digestable ! 
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U.S. Push to Eat Local Food Is Hampered by Shortage
By KATIE ZEZIMA Published: March 26, 2010 In what could be a setback for the local-food movement, independent farmers say they are having trouble arranging for slaughter.

First there was Christiane Lauterbach holding court. We knew right then and there this was a real Atlanta Food moment. Then councilman Hall cruised in on his bicycle. Shortly thereafter "hizzoner" himself, Mayor Kasim Reed appeared. NPR was present. Almost anyone of food significance made their way down to the Auburn Ave Market for the first ever Atlanta Urban Picnic.

There was farm 255 from Athens with a their lunch cart. Souper Jenny herself was pushing warm bowls of soup. L & M Pizza showed up with a wood burning pizza oven in tow.

And then there was the crowd. Having been a longtime Atlanta resident, this was easily the biggest non (jazz, MLK, etc...) festival gathering we have ever experienced at the Market. Grindhouse Killer Burgers had a line 50 people deep - and this was at their permanent counter inside the market.
All and all this was a smashing success despite the cold breeze and overcast sky. We saw numerous media filming, interviewing and documenting the newest food sensation. Maybe Atlanta will come of age once again and join other major metropolitan areas by embracing this burgeoning food/entrepeneur movement. We at TheFoodList.Org sure hope so.
Update 4.1.10
Souper Jenny goes on 11 Alive news and pleads for street food. Watch the video here.

First we want to state that we are smitten with all things Cliff and Anne. While they have diversified as of late - i.e. Abattoir, Star Provision remains the most dear to TheFoodList.Org.

First and foremost, lunch should begin the begin. Do not try and walk through the store before you eat or at least order lunch, otherwise you will find yourself with a basket full of cheese and salumi. The sandwich menu is the heart and soul of the food, and one should always try, at least once, the Shrimp Po Boy and the Banh Mi (pictured).
Once you have satisfied your immediate cravings, you can focus on the bakery items. The cupcakes stare at you longingly, while the cookies are locked behind a glass jail. Skip the cakes, and free the cookies - go for the gingersnap or chocolate chip. If you are really hungry, add a side salad from the seasonal choices in the refrigerated case. Marinated mushrooms, beet salad, and cole slaw are regulars; seasonal fruit, legumes, and greens are offered according to availability. As most know, Clifford and Anne have a large farm south of Atlanta that provides many items for both the market, and their restaurants and whenever something is sourced from there, do not miss out.  

After you have stuffed yourself beyond imaginations, proceed to the Bagdorf and Bronson coffee bar for a shot of espresso. Then enter Timthecheeseman's cave. Included with all of the expected regulars, there are many handcrafted gems. Follow his twitter feed for up to the minute arrivals and suggestions.

After the cheese comes the meat and seafood room. Start with Ahi tuna, sunchokes from the farm, throw in an Allen Brothers aged NY Strip, some Benton's Bacon, and some "cured-on-premise" salumi's. They also have lamb, veal, and chicken locally sourced and priced accordingly.  Finish this room with some fantastic gray sea salt from France, and the best locally hand crafted soy sauce we have ever tried.

Once back into the main area, collect some awesome picnic accessories, grab a loaf of fresh baked bread and your favorite bottle of wine. This should create the best home prepared meal you have ever attempted, and in turn the highest "one meal" grocery bill you have ever seen. To ease the guilt and create several meals from your visit, hit the refrigerated cases on the days that Fried Chicken and/or Asian glazed wings appear. Add the homestyle Mac n Cheese, and some cole slaw and you have another full meal. And no one will mistake that chicken for fast food. We think it is the best you can find in Atlanta, and they serve it cold.

Go often and frequently, and once in a while try the day's special sandwich. If the special is bay scallops or gulf snapper, do not skip. Again, $10 for a sandwich is expensive, but this is an academic example of "paying for what you get"!
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UPDATE 3.22.10 - Congrats to Hayley Richardson, and the Atlanta Street Food Coalition - Big article in the AJC on why Atlanta is falling behind the Food Truck curve. Read the ARTICLE HERE, and then sign the PETITION HERE.

Is the food cart revolution ever going to hit the Atlanta streets? There is tremendous amount of chatter on this subject, including Christiane Lauterbach elegant blog. I am sure that Twitter is absolutely the best way to read about this subject here in Atlanta, and the other popular trucks use Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites to narrate to their customers about locations, menus, and hours.

So in short order, we share our top 5 suggestions for food cart/truck ideas:

5. Tacos - Of course mexican is the starting point for any food truck community.
4. Sausages - Not just dogs, but Vegans, Chicken, Pork, etc...
3. Burgers - Could not pass this by; Grilled on charcoal - just like the backyard.
2. Fried Chicken - Southern style of course, the ultimate finger licking food.
1. Southern BBQ - This is practically the only trucks/carts that the city even remotely allows.

If you want to see food trucks in Georgia, sign this petition and visit the Coalition website. The goal is to reach 1,000 signatures - so SIGN NOW!

Thanks TFL

UPDATE 3.22.10 - Watch this awesome slide show from Time last week - showcasing food trucks from all over America; just not Atlanta :(

We’re all squealing in anticipation for Kevin Gillespie’s planned barbecue restaurant. But despite some breathless reports out there Gillespie’s spokesperson, Melissa Libby, tells me that no lease has been signed. Not only is the ink not yet dry on the deal, it’s still in the pen.

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TOM COLICCHIO came out of the kitchen at Colicchio & Sons the other night wearing a short-sleeved dishwasher’s shirt and a white apron. His black clogs were scuffed beneath his jeans, and there were burn marks on his forearms. He appeared tired, his angry eyes more sunken than usual.He had been in Los Angeles earlier in the week, running a big dinner for the Oscars. He had been down in Dallas before that, for a charity dinner for, among others, ..... read more from the NYTIMES Dining.

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Super H Mart is a national,  big box grocery store with a heavy inventory of all things Asian and Hispanic. Lets get this straight - this store has it's limits. Some days the seafood department has a deep sea smell, and the general grocery goods strongly resemble a  Piggly Wiggly.

Anyhow, here are 5 strong reasons to take the plunge into this superstore:

5. There are 7 different types of Kimchi made on premise.
4. You can buy Coke bottled out of the country. Translation: Coke made with cane sugar instead of corn syrup. (this is the true Classic recipe!)
3.  They sell Asian corn syrup by the gallon, quart, and pint.
2. Pork Belly. Sliced, diced, skin on/off, and by the slab.
1. The Produce. Cheap, deep selection, exotic picks, and always fresh.

Super H Mart, Multiple locations around Atlanta.
For my Sunday Column, I made a visit to Sheik Burritos n Kabobs — a hilariously creative Persian-Southwestern fusion burrio restaurant. Yes, I just said that.

A culinary passage made to Jahanland

“This is our flag, ” says an animated Jahan Ostad, pointing to an image of a banner depicted on the incredibly bizarre and hilarious mural that covers a wall of his restaurant. “The Persian flags and the Mexican flag are the same! Both green, white and red stripes. Except the Persian stripes are horizontal, and the Mexican stripes are vertical. So ours are diagonal! And see what we have in the center?”

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